Healthcare intelligence platform for driving outcomes in complex markets

Machine-guided, human-refined, Lydia AI transforms dark data into insights that enhance clinical operations and healthcare delivery

About Knowtions

Emerging markets are the fastest growing healthcare segment. Despite the growth, the lack of local, high-quality data challenges companies to operate with uncertainty. With advances in deep learning and cloud computing, Knowtions is transforming mountains of previously untapped multilingual textual information into meaningful data that represent knowledge, patients and the overall market.

We’re empowering global healthcare organizations to drive outcomes in complex markets with data-driven confidence.

Meet Lydia

Lydia makes sense of global dark data, the ever-expanding stores of unstructured data in the healthcare domain

Healthcare dark data
Lydia ingests messy dark data
Extract facts buried in this unanalyzable information
Infer how facts are inter-related to enrich data
Construct rich structured data streams ready for analysis

Powerful, flexible technology to surface actionable intelligence that drive outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem

Clinical Development Intelligence

Bolster predictive confidence by harnessing and harmonizing messy hyper-local data for optimizing planning and rescue of even the most complext trials. Increase trial efficiency and results across the lifecycle.

Cohort Identification
Protocol Optimization
Longitudinal Safety and Outcome

Population Health Intelligence

Increase care value by integrating evidence-based reference knowledge into point of care delivery and finding patterns in large-scale biomedical information. Deliver precision and preventative care on a global scale. 

Personalized Evidence-based Care
Phenome-wide Association Studies

Underlying Technology

Intelligence powered by machine learning

Textual understanding means going beyond identification of concepts like symptoms, diseases, drugs. Knowtions focuses on how concepts relate to each other in terms of time, space, quantity and events in different languages and contexts.

words of public multilingual industry specific corpus
types of relations data in multiple languages
on-demand multilingual subject matter experts in your field