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About Knowtions

Emerging markets are the fastest growing healthcare segment. Despite the growth, the lack of local, high-quality data challenges companies to operate with uncertainty. With advances in deep learning and cloud computing, Knowtions is turning mountains of previously untapped multilingual textual information into meaningful data points that describe patients, operations and the overall market.

We’re empowering global decision makers with machine understanding of text to surface intelligence that transcends languages and cultures in multiple markets.

Meet Lydia
Lydia is powered by artificial intelligence to read and organize multilingual medical information at scale
Pathology showed infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade I (3.3cm)
Section 3rd en@1x
Lydia in Action
Enrich every operation with meaningful information signals
Section 4th comprehensive clarity
Comprehensive Clarity
Get unparalleled visibility into business operations, even manual processes without analytics.
Draw from external real-world data streams or internal document databases to gain multi-level insights across all your operations and markets.
Section 4th grounded in real world
Grounded in Real World
From the latest medical publication to patient forums, text is the most common medium for knowledge.
Stay ahead with insights from unconventional and hyperlocal real-world data streams that are always up-to-date and relevant.
Section 4th continuous improvement
Continuous Improvement
We believe machine intelligence augments, not replaces, human subject matter experts.
The interactivity between machines and experts enables us to continuously improve and correct machine suggestions with their knowledge.
Use Cases
Optimize a multitude of operations by leveraging large-scale, messy textual information
Section 5th clinical trial recruitment
Clinical Trial Recruitment
Shorten global clinical startup time by identifying and classifying patients in low-quality EMRs from emerging markets.
Section 5th healthcare surveillance
Healthcare Surveillance
Monitor health experience across channels for adverse reactions, competitive insights and patient feedback.
Section 5th data mining
Data Mining
Track macro and micro trends by extracting knowledge from the latest publications, clinical trials and reviews.
Section 5th language translation
Language Translation
Enhance language translation efficiency and quality with custom high-confidence machine suggestions.
Our Technology
Intelligence powered by machine learning

Deep text understanding means going beyond identification of concepts like symptoms, diseases, drugs. Knowtions focuses on how concepts relate to each other in terms of time, space, quantity and events in different languages and contexts. Our machine learning models are built on top of over 200 million context-specific corpus to extract healthcare knowledge in a language-independent manner.

words of public multilingual industry specific corpus
types of relations data in multiple languages
on-demand multilingual subject matter experts in your field

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