Lydia: AI medical expert that's learning to optimize healthcare
For cost effective healthcare that works for everyone

Sickness is painful. Healthcare shouldn't be.
Everyday, people's lives are turned upside down by illness. Being able to focus on getting better with great healthcare shouldn't be a luxury. Yet, almost half of families pushed into poverty were impoverished by illness. As health systems are squeezed, finding cost-effective care that works is increasingly impossible for billions of people.

We believe breakthrough AI can reverse the trend.
Our Core Competencies
Decoding global health through data
We set out to make big, ugly and messy health data useful. Whether the data come from doctor's notes, lab results or insurance claims, it's a powerful legacy of how people experienced healthcare wherever they are.

Lydia, our AI engine, ingests and analyzes the world's medical data to describe how medicine is practiced globally.
Mapping health as continuous experience
Lydia captures health as states that change over time, not discrete episodes of illness. People who are clinically similar in how they get ill will appear mathematically similar to AI.

By building deep representations of human health, we can surface complex patterns that govern healthcare experience.
Defining AI-Driven healthcare
Healthcare is human. Our solutions mimic how experts would solve painful problems if they had the super power to analyze millions of data points. The same technology that optimizes how doctors care for patients will also make care cheaper.

Our deployments are invisible but have measurable impact.
Partner with us
We'd love to share more about our work helping the world's most innovative healthcare companies adopt Lydia and transform healthcare experiences.

We're based in Toronto and partner globally.